Upstream Østerlars-Gudhjem road Melsted Å is fed from a springbrook from Lensbjerg, marked with a red arrow on the map. In this springbrook there are fine populations of species like Wormaldia occipitalis and Potamophylax nigricornis.

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Stream ecological studies on the invertebrate fauna in


- a typical rift valley stream on the Danish island Bornholm in the Baltic Sea

  by Preben Kristensen pk@ringeby.dk

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10) In the rift valley upstream Damaskegård you can enjoy the unspoiled nature, - only a few people have visited this locality! - But the rift valley is private property without a path system, so there is not public access.

18) The water quality is relatively poor at this stretch because of emission of untreated wastewater from the houses in the vicinity.

17) Almost at Østerlars-Gudhjem road. There are a lot of Anemone hepatica at the slopes along the stream.

16) Melsted Å upstream Gadegård

15) Here is the road crossing seen from the other side. Not very charming! Compare with picture 6.

14) The owner of Gadegård has established a road crossing over the stream. Unfortunately this construction is impassable to stream invertebrates.

13) Just downstream Gadegård (in the background).

12) - But the rift valley is used as a dump!

11) Just upstream the old railway viaduct between Damaskegård and Gadegård. The stream looks nice...

9) - And there are a lot of white, yellow and blue anemones (sea also picture 17).

8) In the rift valley near the stream you can find unspotted lungwort (Pulmonaria obscura).

7) Melsted Å lupstream Damaskegård. A very nice stream!

6) Same locality as 5)

Notice the dance midges (Chironomidae), the small light spots.

5) Melsted Å at Damaskegård. The picture is taken where a small road crosses the stream.

4) Melsted Å, between the coast road and Damaskegård. The rift valley is not deep, but there is a relatively steep slope.


3) Melsted Å just upstream the coast road.

2) Melsted Å downstream the coast road. At the stretch between the coast road and the sea you can see a lot of sea trouts on spawning run in the months october-december.

1) Melsted Å near the outlet. The catchment area of the stream is 5,2 km2, and the stream is thus categorized as a middle-sized rift valley stream.
Allthe pictures in this section is taken 20. april 2003.

Map over Melsted Å area: click here